WeCare provides qualified nursing service to Home as well as in Hospitals, where nurses assisting the patients according to their needs. We provide nursing services all over B’LOR as well as out side also. Nurses will be assisting patients in Home 24/7, 12/7, also we make Home nursing facilities as to visiting the patients in Home to provide all type injections, Wood Dressing, Catheter care, Catheter Change, Personal Hygiene, Ryle’s Tube insertions etc. The nurses that we are trustworthy and will be reliable. We  provides nursing services for the patients from the Hospitals before the discharge itself. So that the Nurses who come to assist in home will b getting a clear picture of patient n a through hand over will be taken from the Treating Docs from hospital.

At WE CARE HEALTH SOLUTIONS Nurses will work within a team, comprising of other buy essay online Nurse and support workers and have clinical responsibility for a group of clients.  Providing supervision to the support workers and junior staff.  In doing so the Nurse will also:

  • Service Pattern.

    1. What we commit on the service model.

    a. Patient Assessment with the clinical history.

    b. Prepare Nursing care plan.

    c. Maintaining Airway ,Breathing & Circulation in a proper way

    d. Giving medication as per doctor’s advice.

    e. Basic physiotherapy needs.

    f. Bathing and personal Hygiene of the patient.

    g. Changing the positions.

    h. Changing Diapers & Cleaning body.

    i. Mobilizing the patient.( Walking, Sitting & Standing

    j. Feeding the patient.

    k. Assisting the patient  in Toileting.

    l. Over All nursing care to the patients.

    m. In case of any emergency, will be informed to the Treating Doctor & the concerned relatives

    a. Assess the emergency situation.

    b. Giving emergency nursing care.

    c. Prepare the patient to shift to hospital after consulting with relatives.

    d. Any worsening from the current condition will be informed to the Treating doctor and

    the concerned.

    2. The patient would be attended 24/7 by the nurses.


Service Requisitions & Demands

  1.  Food has to be provided to the nurses.
  2. Treat the staff in a polite way.
  3. Staff will not be doing any house hold works (cooking, cloth washing, Cleaning the house etc …

Invoicing Pattern. 

  1. Registration fee of Rs 2000/- for lifetime will be collected and not refundable.
  2. One month payment will be collected as security deposit and refundable once the service
  3. stops on pro rata basis
  4.  Charges for the qualified R.N

CIA : ICU R.N 900 to-   Rs 1200/ 12 hrs

CIA : ICU  R.N 1300 to   Rs 2000/24 hrs

5. The invoice will be issued on 25th of every month and the payment has to be done before 1st.

6 ) The minimum contract period will be 10 days in Bangalore and outstation 1 month.