Anil Joseph

Founder & CEO

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Anil Joseph

Founder & CEO
At We Care Health Solutions, our goal is to help you with all of your health care needs. Our skilled health care services will facilitate your speedy recovery from illness, injury, or surgery in the privacy and comfort of your own health. Each year we help thousands of patients return to get essays online normal, independent, and fulfilling lives. Our Health Care program will help patients and families through difficult end-of-life care needs. Our committed staff provides you with comprehensive, skilled health care services in collaboration with your physician, family, and other caregivers.

For each client, we create a customized care plan to fit his or her specific needs. With the assistance of our trained caregivers, seniors and physically or developmentally disabled people living at home can maintain superior levels of independence, health, and psychological wellness.

Our Quality

Quality, Environment, Health & Safety Policy

We Care Health Solutionsis to help you with all of your health care needs

We are committed to achieve excellence by:

  •   Continual improvement of the Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety – at- work – place performance.
  •   Striving for compliance with all applicable Environmental and Health & Safety legislations.
  •    Striving for “Right first time” and safe working practice through system improvement and training.
  •   Enhancing Customer Satisfaction through improvement in reliability and performance of service.

We shall:

  •   Set objectives & targets and periodically monitor their progress .
  •   Communicate Quality, Environment and Health & Safety policy to the employees and to make it available to the public on demand.

Periodically review our Quality, Environment and Health & Safety policy and management systems   for continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness.